Biography and Online Estate Sale
As executive director of the Leveque Foundation, I invite you to read The Benevolent Billionaire—my biography of one of the most illustrious billionaires in U.S. history, Henri Francis Leveque. Also, as trustee of his estate, I have authorized the sale of many intriguing possessions he collected through the years. You can purchase any of them below, directly from this secure site. Visit again and again, as items from his vast global estate will be added for several years to come.


Mr. Leveque’s life was the quintessential American adventure—first, as an unusual rags-to-riches story and second, for his role in reshaping America as a nation and a democracy after the Great Fracture. He is equally inspiring as a hero, a brilliant political strategist, a philanthropist, a father figure to the many who worked for him and as an enigmatic leader and businessman. I hope you find his life as fascinating as it was to me—his longtime friend.

Exclusive Estate Sale
As trustee of the estate of Henri Francis Leveque, I have authorized an exclusive, online sale of select belongings from the Leveque Family Trust. Each item held special meaning for Mr. Leveque, during his lifetime, as explained in the item descriptions. I hope these items will find their way to new owners, who treasure them as he did.

—Michael Ettringer
Trustee, Leveque Family Trust

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