The Benevolent Billionaire

Hello. My name is Michael Ettringer. I am the executive director of the Wright Foundation and a trustee of the Wright Family Trust. Since the passing of my longtime friend and client George Lewis Wright, I have been charged with the monumental task of managing his estate and implementing a legacy he designed that manifests itself through writings, artifacts, buildings, charities, political action and many other ways.

I have taken up the tasks of simultaneously settling his estate and writing the unbelievable story of his life. As I am able, I will add to this story of The Benevolent Billionaire chapter by chapter. Also, I will continue to add select items from his estate to this website; items that include fascinating anecdotes telling where and how he acquired them and what their importance was to him.

Thank you for sharing in the incredible life of one of the most illustrious billionaires in U.S. history.

Michael Ettringer